Artificial Intelligent Medical Assistant

Zana for your health search - the rest you may google

Zana is an intelligent assistant that responds to health questions with trusted medical information. It gives personalized recommendations of products that empower people to get and stay healthy.

Zana Bot - Smart Medical Assistant

This artificial intelligence-powered chatbot lets users express their symptoms and health queries using conversational language rather than the old-school method of clicking through buttons and sifting through tens of results.

  • Zana responds in real-time with follow-up questions about symptoms, then figures out the type of medical condition and related information.
  • This medical assistant can narrow down the most possible diagnosis
  • Zana 'brain' is based on advanced machine learning and natural language processing techniques
  • Self-learning: Zana becomes smarter and more robust by continuously learning from user's feedback and medical experts' knowledge

Medical Knowledge Graph

Semantic knowledge base with medical information created by doctors and semi-automatically harvested from licensed medical sources, online biomedical datasets, and scholarly publications.

  • Extensive data are processed into meaningful objects, facts and relations among them.
  • Objects from different sources are linked using advanced semantic technologies.
  • Medical information is more comprehensible not only for human readers, but also for machines and search engines.
  • Data quality and trustworthiness is guaranteed by a network of medical experts.
  • Patient cases and treatment recommendations are integral parts for the growth of the knowledge graph and insightful analytics.

Zana Team

Dr.-Ing. Julia Hoxha


After receiving her PhD from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Julia joined Columbia University as postdoctoral research scientist in the Department of Biomedical Informatics. Her expertise lies at the intersection of machine learning and semantic technologies applied to recommender systems, conversational search, and medical informatics. Her invention at Yahoo Labs Barcelona, where she was a visiting scientist, has been filed as patent application, awarded by the Yahoo! Inventor Recognition Program.
On the business side, she co-founded in 2003 ShqiperiaCom sh.p.k, starting as a successful software development company and now the biggest domain registrar in Albania. She co-founded Albanian Institute of Science (AIS), a well-established non-profit think tank working on open data and e-participation. Julia founded in 2015 MyOffice'Al - the first coworking space in Albania.

Dr. Armand Brahaj


Armand is a PhD Graduate from Humboldt University in Berlin. He is a passionate software developer and entrepreneur, who has contributed in the start-up of a number of successful business ventures.
Armand's expertise lies in the representation of information in novel forms and business development. Companies run by Armand had a strong regional visibility with clients from the government and largest corporations in Albania. Internationally, Armand has managed to create succesful partnerships with companies such as MarkMonitor, CSC Global, ASCIO and many more, for whom his companies offer domaining services to giants such as Google, Microsoft, Ebay etc.
In the position of a regional tech advisor, Armand has presented at TEDx (Pristina) and mentored in Startup Weekend initiatives.

Additional Features

Based on user`s health condition, Zana recommends the best personal health products like activity trackers, wearable devices, home monitoring solutions, and mobile apps.

Link to the most relevant news and recent scholarly publications related to the medical condition

Offers a central marketplace for health related products