An Official Start Up

We are officially an entity! Not yet a company, and no anymore just an idea…

On 18. März 2014 13:03 we received a formal invitation to participate in the upCAT 2014, a StartUp Catalyst affiliated with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The invitation was in response to a very positive interview. We decided to move on and approach an incubator programme after evaluating, doing extensive background research and market research for almost a year now. We are confident in our vision and it is time to be a formal entity.

As two researchers with strong background in Information and Computational Technology we noticed that the net-space lacks qualitative information on health diagnosis and treatment. It is true that there are some initiatives that are also rated to be billion-dollar business (such as WebMD), but they information is static although highly qualitative; and yet very limited in terms of technological solution and social knowledge extraction. We believe we can build up an enterprise which provides relevant, high quality health information to the visitors and is not only profitable in terms of a business entity, but also highly profitable in terms of social aspects.